Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Writing Patterns

When I relaunched my website last week, one little section wasn't quite finished: patterns. I've decided that I quite like the idea of writing patterns to sell instead of trying to be a one person sweatshop and crank out a million and one handmade toys. So instead I'm shifting my focus to spreading a little knowledge and craftiness by offering patterns through my shop. Right now there are three of them: two for sewing and one for embroidery. I'm making them available both in my big cartel shop and on Craftsy. They are for personal use only but I am thinking that in the future I will offer a cottage industry license to small time crafters who wish to sell what they make from my patterns. Exciting stuff.
I have the rather ambitious goal of adding one new pattern a day to my shop this week--hopefully I can make that happen! What would you like to see a pattern for?
xo CBB

p.s. if you're ever interested in pattern testing email me at caitlinbetsybell(at)gmail(dot)com--I'll give you a free copy to test out!

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